KMF Events

All dollars gambled are imaginary… unless someone wants to make it reaaallly interesting!!!


7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

To register, simply email KMFENDUREVENTS@GMAIL.COM the following…

  1. Name
  2. Email address you want your race information sent to – make sure this is correct!
  3. Team Color: Black or Red
  4. Any questions you may have


Complete 6-6.5hrs of running over 12hrs. Work through various run sessions, randomly selected by our Running Roulette wheel at the start of every hour.

Follow along on Zoom, to see what you need to run each hour. We will post each run on the KMF Facebook group and KMF Performance Instagram as well. 

Each number on the wheel corresponds to a specific run challenge. Each run one will be done only once. If it is selected again, we will give it another spin. Except for (0)…

You will receive the specific Run Challenge list 48hrs before the event. Each run will have specific guidelines as to what each successfully completed session entails. 

You determine if you make the grade. Be fair, be firm. Earn your $$$. Feel free to ask your fellow competitors for input. They will certainly be objective.

All runs will be 30mins or less. Promise… Seriously… But no for real… We mean it. 

You will earn 10$ for your first successfully completed run. Getting a little something for those miles!! If you do not complete the first run, you CAN try again each hour until you run out of wager $$$ to start with. 

You can start playing at any hour, and will just have less running opportunities to earn $$$ if you sleep in and start later. 

Once you begin, you must maintain enough $$$ to be able to buy in for each run. If you wager it all and fail, you are done. No more free drinks for you.

You must submit your Wager amount before the next spin of the Running wheel. Run Submission info will be included on the Run Challenge List. 

You do not have to run every session, but you do have to wager a minimum 5$ to stay in the game. Pay up… put your feet up!! Get back to it when ready. 

You cannot make up a missed session during a different running hour, except for the 12th hour bonus run.  

You can cash out at anytime with a DNF. 

You must keep track of your own $ total. 

Keep track of your own running data, but be prepared to prove any session!!


After the first run, you will enter in your wager amount for the run coming up. You can wager up to whatever you have earned so far, including your bonuses. 

You must submit your wager before the next run is selected.

You must wager at least 5$ to continue to run.

You will earn your wagered amount with every successfully completed run. 

You will earn 5$ for every run attempted, but if you do not achieve the criteria for success you will lose your wagered amount. 

If you do not make a wager, you will be given a DNF and are done for the day. 


When registering, choose your Team Color (Black or Red). Every time that color hits, you will receive a 5$ bonus that can be used in your next wager. 

For the final 12th hour session, you can double your Grand Total by completing both the 12th hour session, and any of the previous runs done during the event. Pick your favorite (or easiest) and give it another go!

If you participated in the KMF ROAD ALONE ULTRA, you get a returning VIP racer bonus of 5$ that you can wager from the start. 

Once registered, we will send out run wager uploading instructions and additional info/ FAQ. We will also be connecting runners via Zoom on the day of the race.


Highest $$$ total at the end takes the win (Male/ Female) but if you manage to hit our minimum $$$ amount you will win stuff.

There will also be a couple unknown categories unveiled at the end of the event and throughout the day to keep things interesting!!


10Success 1051515
215Success 1552035
320Attempt 50-1520
55Fail/ DNS00-510
610Success 1001020
720Success 2052545


You are racing the unknown. Running blind. Chasing miles is all that matters. 

Your imagination alone creates the narrative and provides the inspiration, the drive, the motivation. How much can you do without someone to chase, another breathing down your neck, or the deafening cheers of your adoring fans???

Get out there and run (or walk) at least one mile per hour, every hour, for 12 hours. 

Run as much as you’d like within the allotted time frame, and whoever gets the greatest total miles over the 12hrs is the victor.

Play it safe, or make deals with yourself, take risks, and gamble it all for an extra 5280 feet. No medals to earn – just the satisfaction of a job well done or the stinging lash of regret.

No cost to enter: Please feel free to donate to

The United States Association of Blind Athletes

Once registered, we will send out run session uploading instructions and additional info. We will also try and connect runners via Zoom on the day of the race. Optional to join if you want to remain anonymous andsneaky. 

For any questions email:


  1. At the start of every hour, you must cover at least one mile within the hour time limit. If you start late… you are done.
  2. You must start and finish each run from the same location.
  3. You must run all mileage outdoors.
  4. You must upload previous lap run info before the next run begins.
  5. No outside aid/pacers/mules are permitted while running.
  6. You must have a digital record of all running sessions.
  7. If you return to your starting corral for any reason, your current lap is completed.
  8. Do not share your (actual) running information or running status (still going/DNF) during the event. Do feel free to talk smack, embellish, under value your mileage.


  1. Overall winner posts the most cumulative miles over the course of the 12hr- Male & Female
  2. Other Categories
    • Longest single run session
    • Most elevation gain over the entire event
    • Biggest single run day PR
  3. All official finishers must complete a minimum of 12 miles and 12 runs over the course of the 12hr event.

100 Runner limit and if we muck this all up… at least you got some miles in!!!

THANK YOU to all of our participants!!